Kit Carson Home & Museum

Step Back Into The 1850s at Taos' Oldest Museum

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Some people just aren't history buffs. It's hard for many of us to understand that this simple 4 rooms plus a stable was actually the complete home of a pioneer in our history. There was, besides the stable, a children's room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a parlor which served as a guest bedroom and an office in his official capacity. Kit survived his first wife, who bore him two daughters. One daughter died when she fell into boiling water. His second wife (Native American) divorced him and his third wife (Mexican) lived with him over twenty five years in this home in Taos. This is a privately run museum by a couple who serve the memory of Kit Carson and charge reasonably to witness the real thing. We were charged more for a state-run museum with less historically speaking. If you want more quantity, read his exploits; he was a man of substance, not flash nor things. Oh, and that video starred Kit Carson's great grandson as Kit. Same deep blue eyes and slight stature as the real man.


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